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SMB Business and Technology Challenges and Priorities for 2023: New eBook from SMB Group

SMB Business and Technology Challenges and Priorities for 2023: New eBook from SMB Group

2022 was a turbulent year for SMBs—and this turbulence is continuing into 2023. Even as many challenges resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic recede, others, including inflation and recession, have become top SMB concerns. Amidst this ongoing uncertainty, SMB Group examines U.S. SMBs’ challenges and priorities for 2023 in our SMB Business and Technology Priorities for […]

SMB Directions for the Future of Work: New eBook From SMB Group

In the two years since the COVID-19 pandemic began, small and medium businesses (SMBs) have been faced with change, challenges, and opportunities. These shifts have dramatically impacted the SMB  workplace and workforce, where the power dynamic has tipped from employers to employees. SMB Group’s SMB D...

Never Let a Good Crisis Go to Waste: Leading the Way into the Next Work Normal

If there’s a silver lining to COVID-19, it’s that many people have taken advantage of this time to pause and reflect on their lives, and ask, “What’s working and what’s not?” As a result, some have decided to change different aspects of their lives—from careers to living locations, and from lifestyles to spouses. The shift has been seismic in the employment market—and is giving...

Navigating the Great Resignation: Advice for SMBs

Last week, I had the pleasure of joining Matt Crawford, director of Product Marketing at Citrix, and Anita Campbell, Small Business Trends Founder and CEO, to discuss the challenges, as well as opportunities that small and medium businesses (SMBs) face during the current “Great Resignation” on a Linke...

Women in Engineering: Five Female STEM Professionals Who Changed Our World

As women continue in their quest to break glass ceilings and remove barriers to career achievement, their great work is perhaps most visible in the STEM fields. There, female innovators have contributed invaluably to our scientific and technological landscape, often while facing obstacles and discrimination on the path accomplishing their goals. Today, the number of

Hire Anyone, Anywhere? How Globalization Partners’ Employer of Record Platform Helps Companies Go Global

Many SMBs are starting to look beyond the pandemic and exploring opportunities to build new revenue streams. For some, this means expanding into global markets. While this can prove to be a great way to grow, businesses must make significant investments of time, energy and money...