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SMB Group’s Impact of COVID-19 study surveyed over 500 SMB (1-1,000 employees) and midmarket (1,000-2,500 employees) businesses. This infographic, Impact of COVID-19 on SMBS: Navigating a Path Forward offers insights into how SMBs expect the impact of the virus to play out over time, and guidance to help SMBs to brainstorm, conceptualize and develop a flexible and sustainable path forward in these uncertain times.

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Upcoming Research: 2020 SMB 360 Survey!

SMB 360: Connecting the Dots Between Business and Technology Survey Study

Technology marketers need to understand how business and technology intersect to ensure that strategies and campaigns resonate with your target SMB audience–and compelling content to engage SMB prospects in a crowded and noisy market. The SMB 360 Market Insights Service provides you with both research-based analysis and content to help set your brand apart. Click on the links above for more information!

SMB Group

2020 Top 10 SMB Technology Trends


We are pleased to share with you our 2020 Top 10 SMB Technology Trends report!. Each year, we develop our Trends report based on findings from SMB Group primary research surveys and our ongoing analysis of industry developments. With a wealth of data and details, this report is required reading for organizations looking to engage with SMBs.

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SMB Digital Transformation Survey Study


SMB Group’s 2019 U.S. Small and Medium Business Digital Transformation Study examine SMBs’ understanding and definition of digital transformation as it relates to their businesses and their industries.The survey assesses where SMBs are in terms of using digital technologies to transform their businesses.

Recent Reports

What Small Businesses Need to Know
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What Small Businesses Need to Know
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SMB Research

SMB Business and Technology Trends and their Impact on Finance and Accounting

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Our three-part blog series examines top technology and business trends for SMBs, and their impact on finance and accounting:

New Report: Putting Technology to Work to Help Your Small Business Grow!

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Seeking growth is a small business constant! But the means to achieve that end are changing—fast. Check out this new Perspectives report to learn about key trends and how Dell can help your small business capitalize on them.

Adoption of Unified Communication, Collaboration and Mobility Solutions by SMBs

Annual SMB Group’s top technology Trends

Acumatica Aids Putting Technology to Work for Business and Sustainability.

SMB Group Spotlight interview with Intuit