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2020 SMB Covid-19 Study!


We are facing one of the biggest personal and business challenges of our lifetimes.
SMB Group is fielding a survey to better understand the impact of Covid-19 on SMBs.

Please take our survey: Click here.

We will share survey findings when completed.

Recent Reports

What Small Businesses Need to Know
Sponsored by DellEMC

What Small Businesses Need to Know
Sponsored by DellEMC

for Private–Equity Backed Companies
Sponsored by Oracle NetSuite

What Small Businesses Need to Know to
Sponsored by Intuit

SMB Research

SMB Business and Technology Trends and their Impact on Finance and Accounting

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Our three-part blog series examines top technology and business trends for SMBs, and their impact on finance and accounting:

New Report: Putting Technology to Work to Help Your Small Business Grow!

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Seeking growth is a small business constant! But the means to achieve that end are changing—fast. Check out this new Perspectives report to learn about key trends and how Dell can help your small business capitalize on them.

Adoption of Unified Communication, Collaboration and Mobility Solutions by SMBs

Annual SMB Group’s top technology Trends

Acumatica Aids Putting Technology to Work for Business and Sustainability.

SMB Group Spotlight interview with Intuit