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5 Ways Small Businesses Can Achieve Greater Impact With Limited Resources

—By Guest Contributor Ben Richardson, Director, Acuity Training Small businesses are the backbone of the global economy and play a crucial role in creating jobs and driving growth. However, given their limited resources, small enterprises frequently encounter substantial obstacles in attaining their objectives. However, there are several steps SMBs can take to ensure that their businesses […]
SMB Business and Technology Challenges and Priorities for 2023: New eBook from SMB Group

SMB Business and Technology Challenges and Priorities for 2023: New eBook from SMB Group

2022 was a turbulent year for SMBs—and this turbulence is continuing into 2023. Even as many challenges resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic recede, others, including inflation and recession, have become top SMB concerns. Amidst this ongoing uncertainty, SMB Group examines U.S. SMBs’ challenges and priorities for 2023 in our SMB Business and Technology Priorities for […]

2023 Top 10 SMB Technology Trends from SMB Group

Happy New Year! We hope you enjoyed the holidays, and are looking forward to a happy and healthy 2023. Here at SMB Group, we are ringing in the new year by sharing our annual SMB Group Top 10 SMB Technology Trends, required reading both for SMBs (small and medium businesses), and for the vendors that serve […]
How New Zoho Desk Capabilities Help SMBs Address Customer Service Priorities

How New Zoho Desk Capabilities Help SMBs Address Customer Service Priorities

Small and medium businesses (SMBs) and mid-market businesses are always cost-conscious. So, it’s not surprising that in uncertain economic conditions, they rank controlling and reducing costs as their top business concern for 2023. However, while they need to rein in costs, SMBs must also invest in growth. Customer-related challenges—attracting new business, improving satisfaction and retention, […]

We’re All in the Video Business Now: Pro Tips That Everyone Can Use

In the age of COVID-19, video conferencing has taken off. Companies that lacked or never used the video element of web conferencing started to do so. People who used to turn their cameras off for online meetings started turning them on. Zooming became a verb as more and more people are starring in, supporting, or playing bit roles in online meetings, classes, and e...

Building a Collaboration Strategy for The Evolving Workplace

There’s no question that COVID-19 has forever changed the way small and medium businesses (SMBs) think about the “workplace”, shifting the concept from the physical world to a virtual one. Recently, Mona Abou-Sayed, Mitel’s VP of Collaboration and Applications, and I discussed this in a LinkedIn Live session, Building Cultur...

What We Know: Preparing for the Next Normal

The adage that “the only constant is change” has never seemed more relevant than today. In the past three months, COVID-19 has disrupted any notion of “business as usual.” However, we were already in the midst of another, very transformative change before COVID-19. Whether you call it a digital revolution, digital transformation, the information era, or something else, its become obvious tha...

Building Culture and Collaboration for the Next Normal: Join Us on LinkedIn Live

Mark your calendars for what I’m sure will be a lively LinkedIn Live session on Tuesday, June 2! Register here, details are below. The trend towards work from home (WFM) had already been rising prior to COVID-19. According to Flexjobs, it rose 44% in the past 5 years. With COVID-19, ...

Canceling or Postponing an Analyst Event? Make the Best of the Situation

  In late winter and early spring, my schedule is usually jam-packed with IT industry analyst events and analyst tracks at customer events. But this year, my calendar is gradually thinning out as coronavirus takes its toll and more and more vendors decide to cancel or postpone their events. From a public (and personal!) health perspective, this is clearly a good call. The virus conti...