SMB Group consulting services help our clients to better assess market opportunities, evaluate competitors, develop messaging, and craft compelling packaging and pricing for SMBs. Contact Lisa Lincoln, | (508)395-6760 to schedule a call to discuss your requirements.

SMB Market Profiling Service

How much do you really know about the small and medium businesses you want to sell to and serve?

SMB Group’s Market Profile Service is designed to help vendors get a more comprehensive view of the U.S. SMB technology market for strategic and go-to-market planning.

SMB Insights

Are you looking for a simple and effective way to provide your SMB prospects and customers’ valuable data points and perspectives to inform their view about digital transformation? SMB Group is pleased to offer a new service to meet these needs: Instant Insights Charts. Each chart provides a thought-provoking data point using data from our survey-based research and our interpretation about what it means for SMBs.

Strategy Session

We tailor each strategy session help you solve problems and generate ideas that will lead to decisions to best position your company and solutions.

Market Segmentation

Based on existing SMB Group research and/or custom research, our market segmentation helps clients to create buyer-focused strategies for different segments of the SMB market based on distinct attitudes, behaviors, preferences and demographics.

Message Testing

Message testing helps you create and refine marketing messages that resonate with your customers and prospects, and is especially important when launching or rebranding products and services. From “top of mind” bullet-proofing, to custom research with SMBs, we can help you better position your offerings.


Our inquiry service provides you perspectives, strategic and tactical advice about the SMB market and competitors via phone or web-based meetings.

Persona Analysis

Social Business People Network inside Speech Bubble

We can develop archetypes to represent the key characteristics of different types of people that are prospects for your products and services based on syndicated SMB Group data and/or custom studies, offering insights to better identify with each group.

Competitive Analysis

We help clients asses the strengths and weaknesses of key competitors in the SMB market, and develop differentiators that can provide you with competitive advantage.

Custom Surveys

Our custom surveys zero in on the specifics of what you need to know to be successful, and deliver deep and actionable insights to guide your SMBs planning, segmentation, strategy and marketing initiatives.