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GreenRope Brings New AI Features to Its Unified CRM Platform

I was initially introduced to GreenRope CRM in 2021. I interviewed its founder and CEO,  Lars Helgeson, about the company’s focus on sustainability and its unified platform for sales, marketing, and operations in this blog. In fact, the GreenRope brand name reflects this strategy— “green” is revenue and sustainability, and “rope” underscores the company’s premise […]
Zoho Expands Its Ambitions On Multiple Fronts

Zoho Expands Its Ambitions On Multiple Fronts

After a four-year hiatus due to COVID-19, Zoho’s Zoholics event was back in Austin, TX the first week of May, featuring an analyst track that I attended. The dominant takeaway is that Zoho, which already sells more than 60 business applications in 160-plus countries, is expanding on multiple fronts. The company is doubling down in […]