Spotlight: Zoho’s Collaborative Work Management Solutions Directions

At the Zoholics 2024 customer conference held in June, SMB Group sat down with Zoho execs to learn more about news and directions unveiled at the event. Announcements included updates and new products across its CRM and collaboration solutions, enhancements to its security stack, and new developer tools and services.

In this video, Aarthi Elizabeth, responsible for Zoho’s Collaborative Work Management solutions, discusses insights about Zoho’s strategy for its productivity and collaboration solutions–which happens to be the first application category Zoho tackled when the company launched in 2005.

Listen to our discussion to learn about:

  • The significant increase in migrations from top collaboration competitors to Zoho–and why it’s happening.
  • New updates to enhance AI workflow automation.
  • How Zoho is using AI in its collaboration and productivity suite.
  • What’s driving the company’s development strategy in this area over the next couple of years.

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