Spotlight: How Zoho is Doubling Down on Privacy and Security

At the Zoholics 2024 customer conference held in June, SMB Group met with Zoho execs to learn more about news and directions unveiled at the event. Announcements included updates and new products across its CRM and collaboration solutions, security stack enhancements, and new developer tools and services.

In this video, Chandramouli Durai, who heads up Zoho’s integrated security solutions strategy, discusses the company’s long-standing commitments to user privacy and security and investments in new security measures across its product portfolio and integrated security technology stack, including:

  • Ulaa, Zoho’s privacy-first browser, now includes machine learning-powered phishing and crypto mining detection.
  • Zoho Directory, a workforce identity and access management platform, includes new capabilities like Bring Your Own Key (BYOK) for data encryption, Cloud RADIUS for WiFi and VPN authentication, and device authentication for Windows, Mac, and Linux.
  • OneAuth, Zoho’s multi-factor authentication solution, now features Smart Sign-in, MFA enforcement enhancements, passwordless login options, and App-Lock and encrypted cloud sync for more secure access and recovery.
  • Zoho Vault, an enterprise password manager, now offers password generation, breached password detection, compliance reports, and secure storage for confidential data.

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