Spotlight: How Zoho Intends to Transform CRM

SMB Group got to chat with key Zoho execs about news and directions in several areas at their Zoholics 2024 customer conference held in June. Zoho unveiled updates and news across its CRM and collaboration solutions, enhancements to its security stack, and new tools and services for developers.

In this video, I talk with Prashanth “PVK” Krishnaswami, who heads up Customer Experience solutions at Zoho, to learn more about CRM for Everyone, which updates Zoho CRM to enable everyone in a company who interacts with customers or customer information to collaborate and communicate within Zoho’s CRM platform.

In the interview, you’ll learn about:

  • Why Zoho created CRM for Everyone and the problems it addresses.
  • How CRM for Everyone transforms customer experience by centralizing customer operations on a single platform to improve visibility and coordination throughout the customer journey.
  • Key functionality and benefits.
  • The role of AI in Zoho’s CRM and CRM for Everyone strategy.

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