New Research Available Soon: The 2024 SMB Technology Buying Journey

I’m excited to share that SMB Group is now fielding our new survey study, the 2024 SMB Technology Buying Journey!

This survey examines the technology purchasing behaviors and preferences of small and medium businesses (SMBs). The detailed findings from this survey will help technology vendors to better align their sales and marketing strategies with SMB needs and expectations, and provide a wealth of opportunities to create content, social programs, and thought leadership campaigns.

Some of the topics the survey explores include:

  • Decision-making: Who’s involved in the technology purchasing process and the roles they play.
  • Budgeting: SMB budget allocations for maintaining current solutions versus investing in new ones and insights into when SMBs typically decide to purchase new technology.
  • Financing: Funding methods for technology investments.
  • Information and guidance sources: Where SMBs go for information and advice. 
  • Evaluation: Criteria SMBs use to evaluate and select technology vendors and solutions.
  • Post-Purchase: SMB expectations after the sale, including support, communication, and training.
  • Channels: Channel preferences for business software, infrastructure, PCs, and security solutions.
  • Vendor Improvement: What SMBs believe vendors can do to improve the purchase and post-
  • purchase experience.

SMB Group will also develop an eBook and infographic with data and insights from the survey, which we promote and share with small and medium businesses and others interested in the topic.  (Here is an example of a sponsored report.)

If you’d like access to the detailed survey results (which include granular segmentation by business size and industry), and/or if you’re interested in sponsoring the eBook and infographic, we have options for you!

Lisa Lincoln ( can share the survey questionnaire, methodology, timing, pricing, and other details with you, and of course, answer any questions you have.