New eBook from SMB Group: 2024 SMB Priorities: Aligning Technology Investments to Business Requirements

In a world where small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) navigate an ever-evolving landscape, understanding the intersection of technology investments and business requirements has never been more critical.

In our new, free eBook, 2024 SMB Priorities: Aligning Technology Investments to Business Requirements, sponsored by Dell Technologies and Zoho, we share important trends about SMB business and technology priorities and plans. We examine SMBs’ take on trends that could affect their businesses, their ability to successfully adapt to unexpected changes, and their revenue expectations for 2024. Then, we look at their plans to invest in technology solutions to help support business requirements.

Some of the key findings include:

  • Worries about inflation and the risk of recession are lessening slightly compared to last year. More importantly, despite these and other challenges—from supply chain disruptions to geopolitical conflicts—most SMBs are confident in their ability to cope. 39% of SMBs feel very prepared, and 52% feel somewhat prepared to successfully navigate these issues.
  • SMBs see technology as providing a myriad of benefits to their businesses. They ranked cost and time savings through automation; improving relationships with customers, partners, and suppliers; and access to better information for decision-making at the top of the benefits list.
  • SMBs are most likely to cite investing in new technology to automate and improve operations as their top strategic initiative for 2024.
  • A majority of SMBs are willing to pay extra for AI capabilities embedded in the solutions they already use, with a sweet spot of 10% to 20% for these additional capabilities. The smallest SMBs surveyed, however, are more resistant to paying a premium than their larger peers are.

These are just a few of the highlights from this study. Click here to read the full eBook.

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