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GoTo: The Significance of LogMeIn’s Rebranding and New, Streamlined Offerings

–-by Kelly Teal, SMB Group Contributing Analyst, and Laurie McCabe, SMB Group Co-founder & Partner February, longtime software-as-a-service provider LogMeIn made two key moves. First, the company ditched its 20-year-old LogMeIn moniker in favor of its new, “GoTo” brand. But the announcement goes beyond rebranding. It has streamlined its product portfolio into two main offeri...

Six Ways Technology Has Helped Small and Medium Businesses Build Back Better

Technology has played an important role in helping many small and medium businesses successfully navigate through the challenges and uncertainties surrounding the pandemic—and will continue to provide many benefits into the foreseeable future. Technology is increasingly intertwined with business performance. From time savings and efficiency gains to better data and insights for decision-maki...

Extreme Small Business Makeover: From Museum Tours to Virtual Team Building With Xero

SMB Group’s 2021 SMB Technology Directions for a Changing World study revealed that just over half of small business (1–99 employees) respondents strongly agreed or agreed that they had made significant changes to their business strategies due to COVID-19.