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Free eBook Now Available: Survey Results on The Impact of COVID-19 on SMBs

COVID-19, also known as the novel coronavirus, is having a devastating effect on small and medium businesses (SMBs)—the engine of the U.S. economy and those around the world. But how deep and broad is the impact? SMB Group is providing answers to this question in our new, free eBook, sponsored by our partners, Acumat...

Will Your Business Disrupt—Or Be Disrupted?

“Digital transformation” may sound like a buzzword, but the drivers behind it are very real. In an era where technology is reshaping businesses and industries, companies that harness technology can reap big advantages over those that don’t. Businesses must first determine how to adapt their businesses for the digital age and then put technology to work to bring these changes to life.


Six Steps to Help SMBs Get Started on the Digital Transformation Path

Whether you call it the information age, digital era or the fourth industrial revolution, we are in the midst of a major transformative change that is reshaping the way we live, work and relate to one another. Today, companies are increasingly using technology to blur the lines between the physical and digital worlds—and creating incredible new products and services that disrupt “business as...

SMB Understanding of Digital Transformation Grows, But Challenges to Taking Action Remain

SMB Group just wrapped up our U.S. Small and Medium Business Digital Transformation Study. This is the second version of the study, which we originally conducted in 2017. We are seeing some very interesting trends in how small and medium businesses (SMB...