BrightInfo: Helping SMBs Make the Most of Their Digital Content

Laurie: In this SMB Spotlight I’m talking to Boaz Grinvald, CEO of BrightInfo. BrightInfo just launched a B2B web content recommendation engine that turns anonymous visitors into known marketing leads, with virtually no manual effort. Boaz, before we get into what BrightInfo does and how it works, can you tell us a little about the company?


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Boaz: Hi Laurie, Sure. BrightInfo is a young company that was founded by serial entrepreneurs with the goal of providing an automated, low-touch solution to increase engagement and conversion, and drive content consumption. And solve frustrations common for SMB online marketers. In the past, my co-founders and I have built businesses before and personally been frustrated that we worked so hard and spend so much money to drive the right audience to our website or blog and the majority left without leaving their details or taking action. So we built a solution ourselves, starting in late 2012 and officially launching in September 16, 2013. We are headquartered out of Israel and have customers around the globe using our cloud application.

Laurie: That’s a great introduction to the company. Now, can we dive into what BrightInfo does, and who would benefit from it?

Boaz: BrightInfo helps B2B marketers make the most of their content marketing investments by using dynamic content recommendations to increase the chance to convert anonymous visitors into marketing leads.

We see some trends in the market…with inbound marketing becoming increasingly more popular, B2B marketers are investing money and resources in online content generation in an attempt to engage customers and drive traffic to their website. But few marketers are matching the right content to the right traffic at the right time in order to immediately spark engagement. As a result, content expenditures aren’t paying off –and costs per lead remain staggeringly high. You’re really not getting your ROI on your content effort and expenditures, and the cost per lead stays very high.

Our B2B content recommendation engine paired with the site’s existing online marketing materials dynamically delivers just the right content to each visitor at the right time, using a floating side-bar. It’s an overlay solution, very easy to add to your site. We use sophisticated text and behavior analysis to automate the process of content match-making and visitor profiling, and we do it all in real-time and dynamically.

So there’s no need for any manual profiling of visitors, changes to website design, or manpower to integrate and manage. You just put a small piece of JavaScript on your site. And so far dozens of B2B websites using BrightInfo in beta are already getting up to 182% lifts in content consumption, 83% more leads at 43% lower cost per lead.

Laurie: Yes, we’re all spending more and more time and money creating content. So making sure we get the most use out of it is important. So tell me more about how it solves these problems for SMBs?

Boaz: SMBs have a lot of the same challenges as larger ones. Though businesses invest lots of time and effort in driving the right audience to their commercial website or blog, industry data shows that on average 98% of these visitors remain anonymous, even if they are the perfect audience for your business.

This is due to visitors’ low attention span–research shows that the current average human attention span stands on 8 seconds online–coupled with the increasing volumes of marketing content available online. Marketers therefore must make the most of every second the visitor is engaged with their website or blog and this is where we help with our real-time dynamic content recommendations.

A big part of the solution is a low touch packaging. There are many solutions out there that require a lot of design, content creation, or integration and administration efforts–this ends up creating a new problem. Our unique solution to the problem takes a much more automatic approach. It doesn’t require any new content or labor intensive integration – it just automatically starts to help increase content consumption and turn anonymous visitors into marketing leads.

Small businesses usually have less marketing resources and lower budgets, yet very demanding goals to ensure business survival in today super competitive markets. Our solution enables SMBs to get more leads within minutes and without requiring additional marketing man-hours, complex integrations or technical skills. And our pricing is completely affordable for these businesses. We specifically designed BrightInfo for the SMBs market.

Laurie: So Boaz, what about the pricing for this?

Boaz: It’s very affordable, we want this to be widespread among SMBs, that’s very important to us. We have a free version for very small customers, and pricing starts as low as $39 per month, going up to a few hundreds of dollars per month based on the volume of content on the site and the traffic to it.

Laurie: So you have been in beta for a few months prior to this launch. What are you learning—what are beta users telling you that they want and need in this type of solution?

Boaz: We have learned SMBs are very diverse, from very small to publicly traded NASDAQ companies in our beta. They’re from around the globe and of various sizes – from 5-10 person shops to publicly traded companies, so one thing we have learned is that the SMB space is very diversified.

We are happy to see that we bring value and address a common challenge to all sizes of companies in that range. They want more leads and a higher ROI from their investment in online marketing. We in turn help them achieve dozens of improvement in terms of online conversion and engagement by leveraging resources they already have.

We also learned that “no-touch” is critical these days across all organizations, even those on the M side of SMB. It’s critical to do more with less or same resources and when they find that they can get BrightInfo up and running in minutes with no extra work in configuration or content creation they are very excited.

Another important lesson was that these businesses rely today on multiple sites and not just one site. They have a website, a blog and sometimes social sites and micro sites or landing pages. So we optimized BrightInfo to suite the different audiences and needs of each of those sites while keeping it automated and simple for the business. So with BrightInfo they can get more from their current investments across multiple sites. Does that make sense?

Laurie: Yes, absolutely. So I know you have the demo and free trial, what’s the URL for them to take a look?

Boaz: We invite everyone to go to: Sign up is easy.

Laurie: Thanks again so much for your time today, and for joining us on SMB Spotlight to share this information with us. This certainly looks like a solution that B2B SMBs will want to look at.

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