Four Top Technology Solution Trends and How They Can Help Your Small Business

A couple of weeks ago, I was a presenter at Ramon Ray’s Small Business Technology Tour in Cambridge, MA. My presentation focused on top technology trends, and how small businesses can take advantage of them. A few people have asked me to post the presentation, so I’m providing it here.

At the event, I prefaced the presentation by telling the audience why I picked these four trends from among the myriad of bright and shiny technology innovations bubbling up out there. It’s really pretty simple: in our 2010 SMB Group Routes to Market survey, small business owners and decision-makers told us that their top three business goals are, in this order: 1) growing revenues; 2) attracting new customers; and 3) improving cash flow.

Meanwhile, they said that their top four technology challenges are to: 1) get better business insights from existing data; 2) figure out how different solutions can help the business; 3) implementing new solutions and upgrades; and 4) integrate social media with Web site, marketing tools, etc.

The four trends I selected center on areas where vendors are providing accessible, affordable technology solutions that can help small businesses meet their top business goals and at the same time, wrestle down their top technology challenges. They are (in no particular order):

  • Social Media Management
  • Mobile Commerce
  • SMB Application Marketplaces
  • On Demand Business Intelligence and Analytics

In the presentation, I look at each of these trends individually, and what each means for small businesses. I also discuss solutions that are geared to small business needs and budgets, and key considerations to evaluate when you’re looking for a solution in each area.

Let me know what you think about these, what your experiences have been, and what other new technology and trends you’re thinking about taking advantage of to move your business ahead.

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