Digitizing Your SMB Podcast: Rethinking Your Strategy for the Future

Microsoft hosts a weekly thirty-minute podcast examining strategies and trends for companies to navigate through uncertain times, and prepare for the future.

In this episode, I talk with host Gemma Milne to discuss how SMBs have been navigating the unprecedented changes and unknowns that continue to impact the business environment. Some of the topics we explored include how businesses have been using technology, not only to survive, but to build back stronger for the future. I shared some relevant data points from SMB Group research, and talked about some of the ways SMBs can rethink their current strategy and operations, move past hurdles, and chart a forward-looking path for tomorrow.

Tune in here and let me know if you have any questions or comments! And download SMB Group’s 2021 Top 10 SMB Technology Trends for more drill down on many of the topics we discuss.

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Source: Laurie McCabe’s Blog

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