SMB Group’s 2020 Top 10 SMB Technology Trends

It’s that time of year again—when we unveil our SMB tech trends for the coming year!

SMB Group’s 2020 Top 10 SMB Technology Trends are based on our many years of experience surveying SMB customers, and the insights we’ve developed based on ongoing conversations with SMB decision-makers, vendors, and channel partners.

Some of our 2020 trends reflect the progression of earlier directions. For instance, our research shows that SMBs increasingly understand what digital transformation is, and the impact it will have on their businesses.

While most SMBs haven’t yet developed a strategy to capitalize on it, we are seeing that SMBs that have started executing on digital transformation are already reaping the rewards. SMBs on this journey typically focus first on customer-centric activities but are also using technology to modernize the workplace and to streamline business processes in a more integrated manner.

The role of cloud computing continues to expand and accelerate as cloud business applications deliver AI, ML, NLP and other new capabilities that SMBs would not be able to deploy on their own.

But SMBs aren’t moving everything to the cloud. In fact, many are rethinking their IT infrastructure requirements to support the needs of their business both today and into the future. SMBs will also start considering how they can use 5G to create new products, services and even industries built for new IoT use cases.

Headlines for all of our trends are below, and you can check out details, data and perspectives for them here.

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