Are SMBs Ready for AI? Get a Sneak Peek of What We Learned in Our Survey

What do SMBs think about AI?  For a taste of what’s to come in our soon-to-be-released research: The Impact of AI on SMBs, I spoke with the team at CRM Konvos to answer their questions about our findings. Some of the topics we discussed included:

  • The level of interest that SMBs have regarding generative AI
  • Where and how AI creates value for SMBs
  • How SMBs using AI today, and their interest in using it in the near-term future
  • Barriers SMBs face in using AI
  • SMB readiness for using AI, and how they can use it more effectively
  • SMBs views on the impact AI is having and will have on their businesses

You can check out the LinkedIn Live here. We’ll also be publishing two free eBook reports on this study soon, so stay tuned:

  • Impact of AI on SMBs Part One: SMBs Embrace the Future (covering trends re: SMB interest in and use of AI, and the impact they believe it is having on their business now and will have in the future.)
  • Impact of AI on SMBs Part Two: SMB Trust, Readiness, and Safeguards (covering SMB trust in using AI, AI knowledge and skills and how they plan to build them, and checks and balances they want to ensure they can use AI safely and effectively.

If you’d like more information on this study or any of our research, please please contact Lisa Lincoln, Director of Client Services at

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