What is Software as a Service (SaaS)? SelectHub’s Ultimate Guide to Streamline Your Business

SMB Group research shows that the majority of SMBs are already embracing a cloud-first strategy when it comes to business solutions. One of the best things about SaaS is that all employees need to use SaaS solutions are a device and an Internet connection. SaaS solutions helped many SMBs to keep operations going during lockdowns, enabling employees to get their work done from anywhere—whether in finance, sales, HR, or IT support.

The ease of deploying, managing, and scaling SaaS applications also offered many companies the agility to make changes to business strategies and operations—from enabling remote work to creating virtual services (such as fitness, telehealth, education, etc.) to replace those in the physical world.

Butt many people still have questions about SaaS. If you do, check out this guide from SelectHub, which I contributed to. It explains what SaaS is, and how it can help you run your business more efficiently.

Content covers:

  • What is SaaS?
  • History of SaaS
  • Qualities and Benefits
  • What Makes a Great SaaS Solution
  • Examples
  • Limitations and How to Overcome Them
  • The COVID-19 Impact
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Source: Laurie McCabe’s Blog

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