Impact of Covid-19 on SMBs Survey

Today, we are all facing one of the biggest personal and business challenges of our lifetimes. As the Covid-19 (novel coronavirus) epidemic spreads, we are concerned about how this is affecting small and medium businesses (SMBs), non-profits and their employees.

A lot of what we do at SMB Group is market research. So we are putting this skill to use to field a survey to better understand the impact and implications of Covid-19 for SMBs.

In this extremely difficult time, this information is critical to help inform us, and the vendors we work with, how to best serve the SMB community during this crisis.

We know your time is extremely valuable right now, but we would greatly appreciate it if you can share your input hereAnd please share this post with other SMBs in your circle.

Please note that your responses to this survey are completely anonymous: SMB Group will combine your response with those of many others to create a summarized report based on aggregated data. We will share this report with you once it is complete here on my blog, and on SMB Group’s website, LinkedIn and Facebook pages.

Thank you for your help, and stay well!

Source: Laurie McCabe’s Blog

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