Does IBM Lotus Really Want to Get Small? My Take on Brent Leary’s Podcast

I still haven’t had time to write about Lotusphere 2010, but in the meantime, you may want to listen to the conversation I had with small business guru and friend Brent Leary. Last week, Brent interviewed me about my take on this year’s Lotus event, announcements and news.

Naturally, our conversation centered on the small business angle, which Brent quite appropriately titled, Does IBM Really Want to Get Small? Thoughts From The Lotusphere with Laurie McCabe. Like many others before him, Brent was curious about how serious IBM really is about pursuing small businesses—and ready to gear up against some very serious competition from the likes of Google, Microsoft, Zoho and others to win small business hearts and minds. You can listen to or download the conversation here (just scroll to the bottom of the page).

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