Twelve Donor Management Tools to Help Your Non-Profit Do More Good

If you run a non-profit, you face all of the challengs of a small or medium business–and more–especially in light of the challenging times we are all facing.

Donor management software can help you tackle these challenges by automating the fundraising process. Similar to CRM, donor management solutions help you to automate and manage workflows, freeing up staff for more important tasks. They provide you with analytics and insights to help you segment donors and prospective donors, enabling you to easily run customized campaigns for different types of donors, and to create more effective fundraising strategies.

This post evaluates tweleve top donor management solutions, and how they stack up in terms of: 

  • Providing comprehensive donor profiles
  • Helping you to track your fundraising campaigns
  • Generating useful reports
  • Helping you to secure major gifts

If you’re responsible for raising money, and are in the market for a new solution, it’s well worth the read!

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Source: Laurie McCabe’s Blog

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