Can Mobile Messaging Help Improve Your Company’s Internal Communications?

These days, most of us check our text messages much more frequently than our emails. But many companies have yet to take advantage of mobile messaging solutions to keep teams updated and productive. Can your business benefit from refreshing your internal communications strategy, and incorporating mobile messaging into the mix? This new infographic, which covers the topics below, can help you to decide.

The Value of Communication in Every Single Context

Communication is at the heart of every human relationship in our personal and business lives.  Whether it’s building rapport and closing a deal, leading effectively, or resolving complex issues, the ability to communicate effectively has genuine qualitative and quantitative impacts on business success.

But many organizations struggle with communication problems that can derail even those that seem well-equipped to overcome these obstacles.

Getting Communication Wrong Even When You Have the Tools To Get it Right

Progressive technology developments and solutions designed to help us improve communications should, make it easier for us to communicate effectively.  Yet even when we have the newest tools at our disposal, data shows that many organizations still suffer from poor communications. Often, these organizations consider communications a soft skill when it comes to their employees. They undervalue the importance of strong communications skills, despite their importance in everything from negotiation to planning—and the fact that people and teams that can collaborate, communicate, and work through problems are much more likely to succeed than those that are not.

How to Use Technology to Overhaul & Revitalize Internal Communications

The good news is that businesses can overcome these hurdles by prioritizing skill building in these areas, and adapting business processes to enable more effective communications, improve team relationships and nurture a more positive organizational culture. Mobile messaging experts Cadoo expand on how to do this in more detail in this Mobile Messaging & Internal Communications infographic.  Check it out to learn more about the benefits of refreshing your communications processes and how to integrate purpose-built technology that keeps teams connected, updated and engaged.

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