Future-Proofing Your
Small Business Starts with The Cloud —But Doesn’t End There

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IoT – How Can SMBs Benefit from it?
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The Cloud as a Foundation for Innovation
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What Should Your Small Business Look For in a CRM Solution?
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Real Risks, Sensible Solutions:
Managing Regulatory Compliance with Workforce Automation, On Demand Webinar, sponsored by Kronos

Busiest Expense Day: 5 Ways to
Chase Year-end Finance Blues Away On Demand Webinar,
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Integrated Customer Management for 360 degree View of Your Business, sponsored by Acumatica
Capitalizing on Change: Building a More Strategic Business, sponsored by SAP
Capitalizing on Change: Building a More Strategic Business, sponsored by Concur
Being able to spot trends, and adapt and act quickly and capably provides businesses with a competitive edge!

Act Local, Grow Global Webinar, sponsored by SDL
Learn how quality localization can help SMBs improve customer experience and grow business in new markets

Enabling The Changing Workforce: New Ways to Work Smarter, sponsored by Cisco
Insights from SMB Group’s 2016 SMB Communication, Collaboration, and Mobile Survey to help you understand the trends and put them to work for your business.

Understanding when you’ve outgrown your current accounting tools is critical to your success. Laurie McCabe with the SMB Group, provides 5 key growth indicators that should alert you to when it’s time to make the leap to more modern business management tools—including what smaller businesses care about versus larger companies.

Business Technology and Growth: How Small Businesses are Growing with the Cloud Listen to Laurie McCabe discuss how technology strategy affects business growth!

New Rules for Tech Vendors: How the SMB Buying Journey Is Changing Key dynamics we see in the SMB market, so you can use it as a starting point to fine tune your SMB marketing strategy and tactics.

Laurie McCabe on IBM’s Midsize Business influencer event!
Cloud: Reshaping the World of Business