SMB Group Research Reports

Recently completed reports by SMB Group analysts:

2013 Small and Medium Business Mobile Solutions Study
2012 Small and Medium Social Business Study
2012 Small and Medium Business Mobile Solutions Study
2011 Small and Medium Business ROUTES-TO-MARKET INFOGRAPHIC
From Aspiration to Achievement: ERP for Growing SMEs
Using ERP and BI to Turn Data into Insights
Mobilizing for Success: Boosting the Power of Business Applications with Mobile Solutions
Using Cash Flow as a Strategic Tool: A Guide for SMEs
Solutions de gestion de la performance d’entreprise pour les PME
2010 Small and Medium Business Mobile Solutions Study
SMB Group’s in-depth market study on mobile solution adoption and future plans. It also provides a view into mobile device and service provider preferences. Mobile solution related spending patterns are also included in the analysis – Mobile device, Mobile Device and App Management, Mobile Voice & Data Plan, Mobile Application Spending patterns.
Moving Beyond Email – The Era of SMB Online Collaboration Suites
SMB Group’s in-depth analysis and assesment of 8 online collaboration suites
2010 Small and Medium Businesses Routes To Market Study
SMB Group’s study on how small and medium businesses make technology solution purchase decisions
Corporate Performance Management (CPM) Solutions for Mid-Market Enterprises
SMB Group’s assesment of CPM solutions for midsized businesses
The TCO Advantages of SaaS-Based Budgeting, Forecasting & Reporting
An Analysis of the Four-Year Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for SaaS and On-Premise Performance Management Solutions
Dell’s Vostro Laptops: Designed for Small Businesses
Sturdy, stylish, secure and affordable, the Vostro 3000 line provides entrepreneurs and small businesses with fresh, appealing mobile computing solutions.
ROI of Adaptive Planning CPM Solution,
By implementing Adaptive Planning’s SaaS-based CPM solution Dyer, Riddle, Mills & Precourt, Inc. (DRMP) achieved an ROI of 237% and payback in less than half a year.
Solving the SMB IT Infrastructure Management Dilemma,
Draws from in-depth qualitative discussions with business-owners and IT professionals examining the business and technology drivers for managed services, and the benefits that companies can gain with this approach.
Measuring SMB Outcomes: The Dell Managed Services Advantage,
highlights key findings from a study with Dell customers who share a quantifiable view of the time, cost and productivity benefits they achieved by using Dell Managed Services.