Need a Deep Dive Into SMB Business Digital Transformation Attitudes, Plans and Actions?

Get Answers From SMB Group’s NEW 2017 U.S. Small and Medium Business Digital Transformation Study

Business Digital Transformation Study How are small (1-99 employee), medium (100-999 employee) and upper midmarket (1,000-2,500 employee) businesses preparing for the dramatic changes that digital technology is bringing to business? If you want to scale sales of next-generation digital solutions into the broad and diverse SMB market, this information is key–to successfully plan, position and market your offerings. SMB Group’s freshly minted survey-based 2017 U.S. Small and Medium Business Digital Transformation Study can help you get answers. Findings start with the basics, such as have SMBs heard of “digital transformation?”.

If so, do they know what it means, and if they do, how do they define it? Results revealed that: Business Digital Transformation Study From here, we defined digital transformation for respondents, and then drilled down to learn:

  • Attitudes about technology and digital transformation
  • What business goals (e.g. improve customer experience; develop/deliver new products and services; add new sales channels; improve employee recruitment, etc.) are they supporting with digital technology?
  • Which of these areas do they associate with digital transformation?
  • How far along are they in their pursuit of these goals?
  • Who’s involved in making decisions about using technology to support new business goals?
  • What are the key drivers and inhibitors for them to effectively use technology to support new business goals?
  • What specific technologies (e.g. IoT, AI/machine learning, AR/VR, centralized security solutions, cloud, converged IT infrastructure, 3D printing, mobile, etc.) are they investing in to help support their goals?
  • Are they supporting new technology investments with existing IT budgets, or new/inceremental funds?
  • Which vendors do they think are leading the digital transformation curve, who do they think can help them to achieve their goals?

In addition to top line findings, we have segmented results by employee size, industry, phase of business, and other criteria.

For more information, please contact Lisa Lincoln at or (508) 734-5658.

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