Syndicated SMB Market Survey Studies

SMB Group market survey studies help IT product, software and services vendors and IT/telecom service providers identify key trends, attitudes and behaviors that shape SMB IT solution decision-making and investments. Our approach provides you with a cost-effective way to gain the data and insights you need to make well-informed marketing, product development, media and channel decisions to more successfully reach, influence and market to SMB customers. Click on the links below for more information about individual market studies.

Small and Medium Business Mobile Solutions Study

Mobile devices, applications and services are dramatically reshaping SMBs’ revenue models and business strategies, as well as the way employees interact with other employees, partners and customers.

SMB Group’s Small and Medium Business Mobile Solutions Study helps vendors understand, identify and capitalize on opportunities and trends in the mobile solutions market, and identify potential challenges or threats that must be mitigated in order to succeed in this market. For example, how does adoption of mobile solutions affect broader SMB business and technology strategy? How many SMBs have adopted different types of mobile business solutions, and how many plan to do so in the future?

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Small and Medium Business Routes to Market Study

Social media and the Internet are dramatically reshaping how small businesses learn about, evaluate and buy technology solutions for their companies. Vendors that understand how this affects technology solution discovery, consideration and buying behavior will be better positioned to gain share in this large and diverse market.

SMB Group’s Small and Medium Business Routes to Market Study identifies how SMBs and mid-market businesses discover and gain awareness of technology solutions; the sources that influence them to consider, evaluate and purchase them; the purchasing process; and the channels from which they buy technology solutions.

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Impact of Social Business in Small and Medium Business Study

SMB Group and CRM Essentials’ Impact of Social Business in Small and Medium Business Study examines social business–related trends, dynamics, opportunities and challenges among North American SMBs. The study assesses SMBs’ attitudes and perceptions; current and planned adoption; integration of social business with other business applications and processes; perceived benefits and risks; and governance and measurement of social business solutions.

Study results and analysis will help social business solution providers develop marketing, product and channel strategies to successfully reach, influence and market to SMBs in this space.

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SMB Collaboration and Communications Study

The lines between business solutions, collaboration and digital marketing are blurring. SMB decision-makers and employees are looking for solutions that not only streamline workflow and business processes, but also make information easier to find, share and use; enable them to connect with people they need when they need them; and more easily capitalize on the quickly evolving marketing opportunities that digital and social media present. Both well-established and newer vendors are experimenting to see how to best help SMBs meet these goals. Depending on their starting point, vendors are experimenting with different delivery models, marketplaces and integration approaches to give SMBs a more seamless and streamlined way to run, manage and market their businesses.

But what are the new requirements, constraints and considerations that will shape SMB decision-making in this increasingly blended solution environment? How will different types of SMBs evaluate, select and purchase new solutions in this area? And how quickly and to what degree are SMBs’ needs in these areas converging? The SMB Collaboration and Communications Study helps vendors understand these dynamics so they can effectively develop, frame and target their solutions in the SMB market.

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