Custom Projects

SMB Group offers a full range of custom services to help you achieve your strategic and go-to-market goals. We can provide you with the guidance and data you need to craft your SMB strategy and the insights required to create high-impact thought leadership deliverables.

Some of our custom project capabilities include:

  • Strategy and go-to-market planning sessions. SMB Group reviews, assesses current plans and makes recommendations to help you accelerate and elevate market awareness, consideration, comprehension, conviction and purchase action for your offerings.
  • Whitepapers, ebooks and infographics. SMB Group can help enhance your company’s understanding of key trends and issues through papers, ebooks and infographics, enabling you to create thought leadership deliverables. SMB Group’s whitepapers and briefs often include data from our syndicated studies or from a custom study we conduct on your behalf. Our ebooks and infographics are designed to demonstrate this insight in a more visual manner than a traditional whitepaper.
  • Qualitative and/or custom market research studies. SMB Group will design, build and conduct research tailored to your requirements. Our methodology can include quantitative customer surveys, one-on-one qualitative customer interviews, or a combination of the two. We work with you to determine what will best suit your needs and budget. Custom research can be designed to help guide your internal product planning and marketing strategy and/or to use in marketing and educational collateral for customers and prospects.
  • Webinars, presentations, podcasts and Twitter chats. We work with your team to produce and deliver interactive, and actionable content to help engage prospects and clients in an informative and educational manner.
  • ROI and TCO studies. SMB Group’s TCO and ROI studies provide SMB decision-makers with critical metrics and a detailed analysis of solution costs and/or return on investment. They provide decision-makers with the financial information they need to better assess the business value of a solution.
  • Competitive and/or partner opportunity SWOT analysis. We provide in-depth SWOT (strength, weakness, opportunity, threat) analysis of key vendors and solution areas, framed within the context of overall market trends to help you avoid competitive traps and capitalize on new relationships before your competitors do.